Popular and Elegant Wedding Hairstyles 2019

Her wedding day is the biggest event in a young girl’s life and planning for this marvellous event usually starts months before the great day. Apart from all the beautiful and different kinds of available wedding gowns, a girl can choose from a variety of elegant and popular hairstyles. According to the length of your hair, type of face, like oval, square, round etc. and of course personal taste you can opt for a retro look, stylish up do, a medieval- or classic hairstyle. All of these styles and which suits your face the best will create a stylish look, fit for any princess.

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Three popular and elegant wedding hairstyles:


Usually up-dos are very popular for weddings as they not only create a modern and sophisticated look to a bride, but can be very romantic and elegant too. An up-do flatters a round face while it adds height especially to shorter brides. Furthermore, you have the option to let soft wisps of your hair freely flows around your face which will not only highlight your features, but will add a soft and romantic look.

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Even brides with shorter hair can also choose a short up-do. Here you can use beautiful and stylish hairpins to hold the hair in place especially at the back. However, mousse or back-combing may be necessary to add some volume to the shorter up-do.

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Celebrity Hairstyle

Nowadays, wedding dresses which show more skin are highly fashionable and a lot of brides want to have that red carpet feel at their big event. Many brides opt to have the same hairstyle for their wedding day as their favourite celebrity. On the Internet you can find the perfect photos of your favourite celebrity, wearing the hairstyle you want for your wedding day. We advise you to browse the Internet to find a few photos and then go for a consultation with your hairstylist te get her input whether the specific style will look great with your type of face, whether it is square, triangular, oval or round.

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Stylish Sedu Hairstyle

If you like a loose sedu hairstyle, go for it and flaunt your beautiful tresses, because it is long. We are sure that everyone will look twice! The good news for today’s brides is that even if their hair is short, they can opt for hair extensions for their big event, it is all up to you! Look at some celebrities with beautiful sedu hairstyles. Another option to support beautiful long hair is to add some fashionable hair jewellery, which can create an amazing look. Should your hair being of medium length you can also choose a sedu hairstyle for an appealing look. All these hairstyles for your wedding day are beautiful and popular. We advise you to consult with your stylist to find the perfect hairstyle for your big event, which will ensure that you will look just gorgeous!

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